Small Businesses all around the Globe Use CallRocket to:
Increase Revenue, Generate Leads, Track Performance


Welcome to CallRocket! The CallRocket platform uses proprietary technology that automates text and voice broadcasts to keep customers coming back. Businesses use CallRocket to:

Increase their bottom line
Generate Consistent Leads
Accurately Track Performance
Text Messages

Simply type your message into our proprietary web platform, uplwoad your phone number list, schedule your campaign and your message is minutes away from being in front of thousands of consumers! Many companies on the CallRocket platform use text messaging to send appointment reminders, important product updates, seasonal specials and discounts.

Call Tracking

With CallRocket you have the ability to use our hosted PBX solution to create thousands of phone numbers which can be used to track calls. With CallRocket, calls can be recorded and offer real-time analytics to track your marketing ROI to your bottom line.

Voice Broadcast

CallRocket’s most popular feature allows companies of all sizes and industry to drive new business! Simply record your message, upload your phone number and potential lead list, schedule your campaign and instantly get live call transfers routed to your sales representatives. CallRocket offers a state of the art pay as you go platform scalable to hundreds of thousands of call per minute with instant live transfer leads.

Cloud Call Center

CallRocket’s cloud call center helps you maximize your sales floor efforts. Call Rocket’s cloud center is scalable to to hundreds of agents and filters out busy signals and bad phone numbers so call center agents can focus on closing business! CallRocket’s multiline dialer offers agents to the ability to call up to 3 - 4 phone numbers at the same time to always ensure there is a decision maker on the other side of the line.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

CallRocket’s hosted IVR solution allows you to create phone trees as simple or as advanced as you want. Just record your messages — or choose the text-to-speech option — and build anything from an automated outbound survey to an auto-attendant that routes calls to your office. You can even attach your IVR to a CallRocket toll-free or local number. With CallRocket’s IVR solution, there are unlimited possibilities.

Developer API

CallRocket features a full suite of APIs that allows you to reproduce the functionality of CallRocket within your own custom application. Need your website to send text messages? We can help. Building a smartphone app that can broadcast 10,000 phone calls with the click of a button? We’ve got that covered, too.

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