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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upload contacts?

You can upload numbers from a Microsoft excel document or comma-separated value (CSV) document by uploading directly through our web interface.

How much do the CallRocket products cost?

The CallRocket products work on a pay-as-you go system. Pricing information on various products can be found on the Pricing Page here.

What increments is the Voice Broadcast charged at?

Our Voice Broadcast is priced to every 6 second increments. This is extremely competitive in comparison to who charge to every 30 second and 1 minute increments dependent on volume.

How is CallRocket able to charge such low rates?

CallRocket is a pioneer in the dialing business. We created the first dialing platform more than 10 years ago and have remained the industry wholesale leader since inception. We now bring you these great rates on a retail level!

Are there any contracts?

There are no contracts! CallRocket offers a pay-as-you go system to enable your business to generate consistent cash flow and grow in a scalable way!

How do calls get routed to me?

You specify your phone number and live transfer leads will be routed directly to you!

How can I deposit funds into my account?

Simply login at ,login to your account, and deposit funds using our online platform. Funds can be deposited and are available immediately! Set your campaign and funds will be automatically deducted from your balance.

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