Small Businesses all around the Globe Use CallRocket to:
Increase Revenue, Generate Leads, Track Performance
Cloud Call Center
CallRocket’s cloud call center helps you maximize your sales floor efforts. Call Rocket’s cloud center is scalable to to hundreds of agents and filters out busy signals and bad phone numbers so call center agents can focus on closing business! CallRocket’s multiline dialer offers agents to the ability to call up to 3 - 4 phone numbers at the same time to always ensure there is a decision maker on the other side of the line.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Multi-line Dialing

Multiline dialing allows you to put your dialing on rocket boosters and reach prospects faster. Multiline dialing gives users the ability to dial up to four numbers at one time to drive more live connections. Your reps will spend more time talking to leads and less time waiting to be connected.
Machine Skip and Smart Drop

Machine Skip allows you to avoid answering machines altogether. CallRocket will weed out answering machines automatically and Smart Drop a prerecorded message into voice mails, connecting agents to live answers only.
Scalable to Hundreds of Agents

Whether you’re a single agent or a large call center, CallRocket’s Cloud Call Center can power your business. There are no limits to your dialing potential — call as little or as much as you want at the same hourly rate.
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