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Case Studies

Cloud Call Center Helps Keep Things Fresh
Wycliffe Associates found themselves restricted in spreading their message of the Bible. The organization held seasonal banquets to inform the public about Biblical translations in order to recruit new volunteers. Unfortunately, their method for converting banquet attendees to new volunteers proved to be inefficient.

Voice Broadcast Sends Alerts to Community Residents
An oasis for many, this 900-acre community provides comfort. In many respects it’s a world unto itself, which is why GOC manager, Jim Ritter, needed an efficient way to communicate with residents in the event of an emergency.

Cloud Call Center Improves Operational Efficiency
Jonathan Tucker, a 1st Capital Loans Account Executive, is a busy man. On top of researching, managing an office, handling applications, Tucker needed to follow up on a dense list of prospects as part of his routine.

Call Tracking Optimizes Contractor Advertising's Marketing Budget
For the past two years, Contractor Advertising's Dan Goldstein explained that he had used CallRocket's Call Tracking along with the call recording feature providing him with real-time access to call records.

SCBN: Voice Broadcast Solution Assists Clients In Obtaining Healthcare
Despite a simple process to enroll - either by phone or online - Jonathan Harrington of SCBN says potential clients often disqualify themselves because they unknowingly gave incorrect information on their application.

Hurricane Sandy: Voice Broadcast Solutions for Staff and Employees
Bob’s Stores was thinking ahead. Rita Bertone, Director of Purchasing & Office Services, came to CallRocket wanting a practical, efficient and affordable way to connect with Bob’s associates in case of an emergency.

UC Irvine Uses CallRocket to Increase Event Attendance
After receiving a demonstration, UCI decided to execute a Homecoming marketing campaign with CallRocket’s Voice Broadcast to 40,000 alumni who received a personalized invitation from the Assistant Vice Chancellor.

Cloud Call Center Helps Tuff Shed Exceed Sales Expectations
In celebration of its 30th Anniversary, Tuff Shed ran a preview sale on its storage garages. Tuff Shed promoted $100 off storage buildings through TV, direct mail, email, and sales calls using CallRocket’s Cloud Call Center.

Real Estate Investment Firm Uses Voice Broadcast
When Justin McClelland attended a real estate forum in Chicago, he came with open ears. He was looking for new and innovative marketing solutions for his real estate investment company, Schwaps. One that stuck with McClelland was CallRocket’s Voice Broadcast service. Scales IVR Platform to Track Campaign Efforts, a non-profit organization with 4.2 million members, supported the 2008 Obama presidential campaign. Backed by a pool of volunteers, MoveOn needed a comprehensive way to aggregate their data. The search to solve their dilemma led them to CallRocket.

Cloud Call Center Enables Volunteers to Reach Thousands of Voters, the group campaigning against the Prop 8 measure, making gay marriage illegal, was started by Equality California (EQCA). NoOnProp8 discovered CallRocket’s Cloud Call Center, coordinated system efforts, and within three days, NoOnProp8 had a virtual call center up and running.

IVR Enables Medical Research In Developing Nations
QuesGen Systems CEO, Mike Jarrett faced a big challenge--to gather data quickly in developing nations. Given the nature of telecom in places like India, QuesGen chose mobile technology. Traditional methods included paper questionnaires. Quesgen honed in on text-to-voice technology known as IVR.

Voice Broadcast Platform Launches Shoe Business Into National Spotlight
Dave Shaheen, a luxury shoe sales manager, was befuddled on how he could reach shoe-hungry women in Chicago. He had used simple services like but needed a special touch to his message. After using keywords like automated calling; on Google, the CallRocket Voice Broadcast Platform was revealed.

SMS Texting Offers Effective Solutions For Emergency Notifications
The Clery Act requires universities to send notifications in an emergency. SWU administrators were concerned about the time and cost it would take to contact a list. CallRocket’s provided Joe’s staff with a simple technology that enabled instant communication to the student body.

Cloud Call Center Offers Simple Solutions For Efficiency
The family-owned Wright Agency has been in insurance for over 20 years in Columbia, South Carolina as a licensed Allstate agent. General Manager, Trevor W., was concerned about a worsening problem - slow growth and decreasing sales. This led him to contact CallRocket
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